Frequently asked questions and answers



1)  We would like to start cooperation with your company. Whom to address and what are the terms for conclusion of a contract?
You will get all necessary information by accessing our web page or through direct contact with the staff of our wholesale department.
In order to conclude a contract, if you have not previously cooperated with NIS Company, you should submit us the general details about your company to enable us to open a code for you. After that, you submit creditworthiness for our control, in order to be given a credit limit. After that, payment terms, annual volumes and monthly delivery dynamics are being negotiated and contracted. In order to initiate our cooperation after contract execution, a security document for deferred payment is to be submitted in accordance with the decision of a credit board.  Depending on the Scoring category, possible payment deferral is 15, 30 or 45 days, but the bank guarantee provides automatic deferred payment of 45 days.
2)  How we may order goods?
If you want transport organized by NIS Company, it is necessary to send your request for release and delivery to the mail or fax of your agent, any business day from 08 AM to 12 PM. If you plan to take over petroleum products by your own means of transportation, you may send the request any day from 8 AM to 2 PM.
3)  Can we order goods without concluding a contract and what a buyer needs to have advance supply from NIS's wholesale?
Yes, you can. It is only necessary that you submit your request for bill of quantities to our email or fax. After you payment, we open Release order. It is also necessary that the customer is registered (SAP code) and that it has a proper tank space.
4)  What is the least quantity that we may order?
If transportation is provided by NIS Company, minimum quantity is 1,000 litres.
5)  If we opt for transport by NIS Company, what is the minimum delivery deadline?
For deliveries which call for engagement of NIS Company’s transportation, it is necessary that you announce it a day in advance. We open release orders following the principle of the following day. If you urgently need the goods, it is necessary that you state it, and we will do our best to deliver on the same day.
6)  Are we entitled to discounts for larger quantities?
Yes. If you have concluded contract, then pursuant to terms from the contract, you are entitled to respective monthly discount according to applicable rebate scale.
7)  Is it possible to have your invoice delivered to the address of our company seat, and the place of delivery at another location?
Yes, it is possible. In that case, we need also the address of the delivery place, in order to create the code in our SAP system and delivery to that address.
8)  What are the accompanying documents for unloading of good?
Documents accompanying delivery of goods are: Shipping Note, Delivery Note and Quality Report.
9) If I order goods for tomorrow, with advance payment, how the delivered quantity will be invoiced?
Vendor will invoice the delivered petroleum products at the price applicable on the delivery date. Delivery date is the date when the Vendor handed over petroleum products to shipper for transportation, regardless of the fact whether transport of petroleum products is organized by Customer or Vendor.
10)  Do you offer the service of fuel decanting from one unloading spot to the other?
No, tanker trucks of NIS Company only perform transport from the Refinery or from a warehouse to unloading place of the Customer/Client. Additional decanting is not possible
11)  Is there a possibility of free transportation?
Yes, in accordance with decisions of the Vendor and contracted quantities.
12)  Where can we check the applicable price of products?
All product prices may be followed daily on the site.
13)  Where is the closest loading facility for using own transportation?
Depending on where the customer is located, we will offer the closest facility or Oil Refinery of Pancevo.
14)  What is the capacity of large tanker trucks and what is the layout of their chambers?
Their capacity is 30,000 litres and layout is 4 x 7,5000 litres.
15)  Is the interest charged for possible default in payment?
Yes, default interest stipulated by the Law is charged in case of any delayed invoice payment.
16)  What is the quality of products we may buy from you
NIS Company produces and sells only products of supreme quality, produced according to highest European standards, which is proven by ever bigger sale and consumption of our derivatives in the EU countries.
17)  What makes you company stand out from the competition?
Unwavering quality, European standards of products and services, wide network of warehousing and transport capacities, as well as satisfaction of our clients are the guarantee of our leading position.
18) Is there a web portal for customers?
The web portal is currently under construction. Customers will be able to make orders of oil and gas products and to review their financial situation. Planned time for release of web portal is in 2018.

Questions Frequently Asked by LPG Customers

1)  Can NIS Company guarantee the regular supply with LPG?
Yes, if you have the concluded LPG Sales Contract (binding), rest assured that LPG deliveries will be regular throughout the year.
2)  I made wrong estimations of LPG stock. Can you deliver LPG today during the day?
We will always do our best to accommodate your needs in cooperation with our colleagues from transport department and provide delivery as soon as possible.
3)  If we select you as our supplier of LPG cylinders, what are the requirements we have to meet in order to be eligible for discounted price?
Pursuant to new commercial terms for the wholesale of liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders, applicable from 1 January 2017, volume rebate is achieved in accordance with the signed contract and volumes above 5 tons, taken over on a monthly level.
4)  Is there a possibility to deliver the ordered quantity of LPG in cylinders to our address using your transport vehicles?
 Certainly, shipping may be organized by the Vendor, provided that there is an adequate access to the delivery place. Price of the transport service will depend on distance from the loading site to the delivery site and it is calculated using official pricelist for transport of LPG cylinders. Transportation services for distances up to 40 km are free of charge.