We are pleased to present you our new service created to simplify business and make it more efficient. 

We are well aware of the fact that fast communication and first-rate organisation are vital for your business so, as we do for our most important clients and partners, we have made electronic invoicing service available to you whenever you decide you need it. 

This service allows you to receive all invoices by e-mail instead of in hard copy, which improves productivity and reduces costs iy shortening the time needed and simplifying the processes of sending, receiving, filling out and archiving received invoices. 

There are two options for receiving invoices: 

  • Through Halcom portal for e-invoicing (Hal E-fakture)
  • Through Halcom e-banking platforme

You can choose an option that is more convenient for your company and then continue running your business in a more efficient manner in the future! 

Feel free to contact us any time for further information. 

Electronic invoices bring you:

  • Lower costs
  • Faster obtain
  • Faster obtaining of invoices