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CashBack NIS
From now on, you can withdraw cash while using MasterCard card at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom* refuelling stations. 
Practicality, speed and simplicity represent the imperative of life in the 21st century. Guided by these ideas, we have created an innovative and unique service in Serbia, which enables drivers, and then all other Mastercard and Maestro payment card users, to make payments in any amount in an efficient way and withdraw cash from the bank account in just one transaction.
This payment method, also known as "purchase with cash back" is a great solution and when you need urgent cash, which is especially important for the population in areas where there is no developed ATM network.
Simultaneous cash withdrawal and bills payments provide users with a new level of convenience and a comfortable solution to access cash in all NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations in just one transaction, saving time spent in search of ATMs or bank branches.
The minimum amount that is required to be allocated for the purchase does not exist, while the maximum amount of cash that can be raised is 5,000 dinars, whereby the amount that the user wants to raise in cash is added to the bill total and accounts for as one transaction.
This service is treated as a standard card payment, and the card user authorizes the transaction with the PIN code and can fully monitor it in the bank account. Payment with a cash withdrawal is the same as the standard use of the ATM and therefore there are no new or hidden costs for consumers.
To get information about whether this service is enabled for you and under what conditions, contact the bank that issued your Mastercard or Maestro card.
See you at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations!


* Note:

The service is not enabled at the following petrol stations:

PS Leštane

11039 Leštane

Kružni put 26