NIS card

Is it possible to use one PPO-VAT form for the exemption of VAT for several IC cards?

No, with one PPO-VAT form it is possible to make VAT exemption for only one card.

Why are LITERS at the end of each quarter wiped to zero liters оn CD card?

Because the unused liters in one quarter cannot be added to liters in a new quarter, and the remaining funds can be used to reduce the amount of new payment.

Is it possible to buy BMB95 and Europremium BMB with one CD card?

Unfortunately, with CD card, it is possible to buy only one type of fuel.

When can you use the paid liters on CD card after the payment?

If the payment is made in cash, then the liters on the card are available next day. If the payment is made from a non-resident account, then 3-4 days are needed.

When do you receive bills?

Invoices and bills are delivered at the end of each month, as well as credit notes if your company is entitled to a rebate in one month.

Is it possible to pay part of a bill with a card and part with some other form of payment?

No, the transaction at a gas station cannot be divided into different types of payments, so it is important to check the status of available funds on the card before any purchase of fuels.

How to know the amount of available funds on the card?

Information on available funds can be obtained through the NIS Information Center by calling 08-0000-8888, through your regional NIS center or through a personal office.

What can be printed on the cards?

Cards can be made out to a registration number, name of a person or the customer's name (legal entity). On the actual cards print letters and numbering can be embossed. In addition to a cardholder’s label, the name of the group of cards of a legal entity is also printed on the card.

How long does it take to make a card?

After submitting the request for issuing cards, they can be taken within one working day.

What is the difference between a group and individual debit card?

Group debit cards (cards with an embossed label DEBI) use the funds paid to a group of cards. Each card has access to the entire group amount, unless limited by a daily, monthly or quarterly limit.  Individual cards (cards with an embossed label INDI) use the funds paid into a special account of each of the specific individual cards.