TAG – Electronic Toll Collection

Sale of devices for electronic toll collection (TAG), which will reduce crowds on motorways and toll booths, has started in NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, and this device will enable good quality and comfortable drive for the drivers.
By constantly improving its offer within its retail network, NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations want to provide their consumers with a quick and simple way to buy or recharge their TAG device or to afford themselves a comfortable travel without downtime.
The price of one TAG device is RSD 2,022.00, and it can be recharged electronically at petrol stations.
NIS Petrol stations where you can buy TAG devices:
  1. Zmaj 1, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb – izlaz, Beograd
  2. Zmaj 2, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb – ulaz, Beograd
  3. Sava, Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 30a, Novi Beograd, Beograd
  4. BIP, Franše d' Eperea bb , Beograd
  5. Veliki Mokri Lug 1, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Beograd
  6. Novi Sad 16, Autoput Novi Sad - Beograd, Novi Sad
  7. Subotica 1, Beogradski put 223, Subotica
  8. Lozovička česma, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Lozovik
  9. Ljig 2, Ravnogorska bb, Ljig
  10. Servis Mladenovac, Kralja Petra 17, Mladenovac
  11. Predejane, Autoput Niš - Vranje, Predejane
  12. Sava most, Jevrejska bb, Šabac
  13. Kragujevac 5, Lepenički Bulevar bb, Kragujevac
  14. Požarevac 3, Beogradski put bb, Požarevac
  15. Kolari, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Kolari
  16. Kruševac 1, Gazimestanski Trg 1, Kruševac
  17. Adaševci, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb, Adaševci
  18. Pećinci, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb, Pećinci
  19. Svilajnac, Visokog Stevana bb, Svilajnac
TAG devices can be bought at Gazprom stations, too:
  1. Avalski put, Trg Oslobođenja 343, Beograd
  2. Žarkovo 1, Trgovačka 74, Čukarica, Beograd
  3. Novi Beograd Dejton, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina bb, Novi Beograd, Beograd
  4. Novi Sad 1, Maksima Gorkog 1, Novi Sad
  5. Fontana, Autoput Niš - Beograd, Trupale, Niš
  6. Nais, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Gornja Toponica, Niš
  7. Bagrdan, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Jagodina/Bagrdan
  8. Mali Požarevac, Autoput Niš - Beograd, Sopot
  9. Preljina 2, Preljina bb, Preljina
  10. BS Novi Sad 16, Autoput NS - BG, Novi Sad, Novi Sad
  11. Stari Banovci, Autoput Beograd - Novi Sad, Stari Banovci
  12. Velika Plana Autoput - Desna, Autoput Beograd -  Niš, Velika Plana
  13. Krnješevci, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb, Krnješevci

What is a TAG device?
 •ТAG is an electronic device for paying toll and it represents a method of contactless electronic collection, where vehicles pass without stopping in the regular lane where the officer collects tolls.
• It is a battery transponder which is located on the inside of windscreen of the vehicle
 • Connection is established via antenna installed on the canopy above the inbound/toll lane.
• One TAG is used for one vehicle of appropriate category, except when it comes to category 1, in which one device can be used for several vehicles
 • TAG does not have a time limit on use and the following data are found on this device: registration number of the vehicle, road category and amount of paid toll.
What are the benefits of the use of TAG device and electronic toll collection?
 •Toll collection without stopping in specially marked toll lanes, which avoids possible downtime, due to limited permeability of at tollbooths in rush hour
• Simplicity of toll collection, by avoiding cash payment and unnecessary delays
• Shorter transaction time
How does electronic toll collection (ETC) work with TAG device?
When a vehicle with TAG device is approaching the exit fast lane, which is equipped with ETC system, antenna on the canopy detects the TAG device on the car, reads memorised data from the device and if the communication is successful, the display shows that the transaction was executed, vehicle category is displayed, as well as the toll amount, means of payment and the remaining balance on your account. The tollgate is then lifted and the vehicle leaves the exit lane.
Where does electronic toll collection function?
At frontal and bigger lateral toll stations, there is at least one separate passage which serves for electronic toll collection, while manual and ETC collection are combined in entrance/toll loaned in smaller lateral toll stations (where there are no conditions for separate ETC lanes).
This toll collection system functions in all toll stations, except the Inđija, Vrbas and Zmajevo toll stations.
Who can be a user of TAG device?
Any legal entity or private person that signs a Contract with “Putevi Srbije” public enterprise, collects this device in NIS Petrol petrol stations with a suitable fee paid and pays the initial subscription amount which will make TAG valid for use, can become a user of this device.
How do I acquire a TAG device?
TAG device is available to all consumers at the aforementioned NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.
Necessary documents for private persons:
  •  Personal identification document
  •  Copy of a valid traffic permit for vehicles for which TAG device is issued and activated
Necessary documents for legal entities:
  • Name of legal entity, address, registration number, account number
  • Decision of APR on entry in the register of economic entities
  • Certification of the Tax Administration on the VAT records (PEPDV form)
  • Certificate of the Tax Administration on the performed registration and the number of PIB (REG form)
  • A copy of the valid traffic permit for vehicles for which TAG device is issued and activated
Price of recharge for TAG device?
The consumer himself sets the sum he wants to deposit as recharge, while there are a number of discounts for larger deposited sums, according to the scale listed below: