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High quality for high quality specials!
NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations alone offer you an exclusive collection of knives and related assortment of kitchen accessories of the Rosmarino Blacksmith brand.
For those who have a loyalty card “On the road with us” can get the products without coupons at a discount of as much as 60%.
By collecting a certain number of coupons, which are awarded for purchase of fuel or other items at the petrol station’s store or restaurant, you can get a supreme collection of knives at a special promotional price and at a 60% discount.
You can see the product by following this link.
See you at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations!
You will receive one coupon for each purchase of fuel or other items in the stores or restaurants at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations in the amount of 1,000 RSD in the period between 27th February and 10th May 2019.
When you have collected the coupons and completed a coupon form, select a product and show the coupon form at the cash register.
If you are a holder of a loyalty card “On the Road with Us”, you will not need the coupons to get the discount.
Collected coupons can be exchanged for exclusive products of the Rosmarino Blacksmith collection by 24th May 2019 in all Gazprom and in some selected NIS Petrol branded petrol stations. 
To see the list of petrol stations, click here.
The products are also available for purchase at full retail price.
Rosmarino Blacksmith assortment provides two-year warranty for personal use of the products, valid from the purchase date and with a fiscal slip.
Rosmarino Blacksmith Knives Collection
Rosmarino knives are made of stainless steel of exceptional German quality which is a guarantee of their excellent performance in your kitchen. You will spend less energy and time on cutting since stainless-steel blade offers remarkable sharpness and resistance. Stainless steel is among top quality materials there are and will make you feel like a true chef.
Thanks to a special whetting technique, the knife is highly resistant to corrosion, rust and stains. Compared to regular kitchen knives, the advantage of special stainless-steel knives lies in their additional reinforcements and hardness which contribute to its increased resistance to wear and tear.
Durable handle is made of high-quality plastic, strongly attached, providing for maximum load. Exceptional durability is a feature that can be found only in professional knives used by kitchen masters.The sales promotion shall last until the supplies are exhausted and no later than by 24th May 2019.
NOTE: Pursuant to rules of “On the Road with Us” program, for purchases made through redemption of bonus points, the products shall retain their full price. Likewise, bonus points cannot be collected simultaneously with the purchase of these products.