Nis Agro card

More liters, discount will be increased!

Using the NIS Agro card, you will be entitled to a discount when purchasing fuel (euro diesel, gas oil, G-Drive diesel) and NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations. Call the Call Center on 0800 008 888 for more information.

In addition to the basic discount, using NIS Agro card you can also obtain an additional, quantity based discount.
  • Only NIS Agro card users are entitled to an additional quantity discount, depending on the total consumption with the card.
  • The amount of the total discount is determined according to the actual consumption in 2017. If in 2017. you have achieved consumption above 2000 liters, your discount is 12 din / l for euro diesel and G-Drive diesel, and 8 din / liter for gas oil.
  • The requirement for an additional discount is the purchase of at least 50 liters of fuel.
  • Total discount per card is calculated every month.  Depending on total consumption, the discount can only be increased. Updating of the discounts is done by the fifth day, monthly.
  • The requirement for an additional quantity discount from the table is a one-time purchase of at least 400 liters of Euro diesel and G-Drive diesel, or at least 600 liters of gas oil.
From 06.05.2018. agro clients have the opportunity to buy a LPG bottle for a household with an Agro card at a discount of 10 din / kg.

Discounts for non-fuel goods available in the shop

  • 15% of discount for Nisotec oils and lubricants                     
  • 20% of discount for assorted* fast-moving consumer goods available in the shop at refuelling stations
* Foodstuffs, non-alcoholic beverages and beer are discounted.               

How can you get NIS Agro card?

If you would like to apply for NIS Agro card, please visit one of NIS Petrol refuelling stations and apply for getting your own free NIS Agro card. Our refuelling station attendants will assist you in filling out a form and make possible for your new NIS Agro card to become active in the shortest possible period.                                        

Which documents are required for application?

If you are an individual:                                                           

  • Certificate of active status in the Register of Farmsteads or the registration number of agricultural machine
  • A copy of licenses of work / agricultural machine
  • Photo copy of a valid ID or passport
  • Certificate of VAT-registered taxpayer
If you are a legal entity:                   
  • Certificate of active status in the Register of Farmsteads or the registration number of agricultural machine
  • A copy of licenses of work / agricultural machine
  • Certificate of a VAT-registered taxpayer                                                   
  • A copy of enrolment in the Business Register (APR) that is not older than 6 months from the filing date
  • OP Form (certified signatures of persons authorized for representation)
  • Certificate of completed registration in the single register of taxpayers at Tax Administration (TIN)                               

Simple procedure!

NIS Agro card ensures easy identification at NIS Petrol refuelling stations, where you may purchase fuel, oils and lubricants, as well as other products at discounted prices. Payment is made exclusively in cash (cash or a bank card).
Register today to apply for your free NIS Agro card and enjoy benefits it provides!
For more details you may refer to Call Centre by dialling 0800 008 888.