New working hours on NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations beginning on April 4th


We hereby inform you that, pursuant to the new decisions of the competent institutions of the Republic of Serbia, new weekend working hours will be introduced on NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Pursuant to the Decision of the competent authorities on imposition of restricted movement during a part of weekend, the new hours on our petrol station will take effect 4 April 2020. On Saturdays, our petrol stations will be open from 7 am till 11 am, while Sundays will be non-working days. Some petrol stations will still be open 24 hours a day in order to serve government authorities, medical and other public institutions, as well as other legal and physical entities holding a special authorisation allowing them movement during the curfew.

Timely information on any possible changes of working hours on our petrol stations can be found on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and on the web pages of NIS PetrolGazprom and “Sa nama na putu“.

The list of NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations that are open 24 hours a day is available below:

1 BS Bačka Palanka NIS Petrol Obrovački put bb, Bačka Palanka Bačka Palanka
2 Blok 66 Gazprom Petrol Bulevar Heroja sa Košara bb, Novi Beograd Beograd
3 BS Čukarica NIS Petrol Radnička 2A, Čukarica, Beograd Beograd
4 BS Obrenovac - grad NIS Petrol Cara Lazara 1, Obrenovac Beograd
5 BS BIP NIS Petrol Franše D Eperea, Savski Venac, Beograd Beograd
6 BS Sava NIS Petrol Bulevar Аrsenija Čarnojevija 30a (E-75) Beograd
7 BS Čarlija Čaplina NIS Petrol Bulevar Despota Stefana bb, Palilula, Beograd Beograd
8 BS Bor 1 NIS Petrol Nikole Pašića 56, Bor Bor
9 BS Čačak 1 NIS Petrol Ulica 10 bb, Čačak Čačak
10 BS Fontana Gazprom Petrol Auto put Niš-BG Gornja Toponica
11 BS Nais Gazprom Petrol Auto put Beograd - Niš Gornja Toponica
12 BS Gornji Milanovac 2 NIS Petrol Obilazni Put bb, Gornji Milanovac Gornji Milanovac
13 BS Jagodina 3 NIS Petrol Kneza Lazara bb, Jagodina Jagodina
14 BS Kikinda 4 NIS Petrol Zrenjaninski put 2, Kikinda Kikinda
15 BS Kladovo NIS Petrol Karataški put bb, Kladovo Kladovo
16 BS Kragujevac 5 NIS Petrol Lepenički Bulevar bb, Kragujevac Kragujevac
17 BS Kraljevo 3 NIS Petrol Olge Jovičić bb, 36000 Kraljevo Kraljevo
18 BS Kruševac 1 NIS Petrol Gazimestanski Trg bb, Kruševac Kruševac
19 BS Kula NIS Petrol Maršala Tita bb, Kula Kula
20 BS Lazarevac  - grad NIS Petrol Dula Karaklajića bb, Lazarevac Lazarevac
21 BS Leskovac Grad 5 NIS Petrol Stanoja Glavaša bb, Leskovac Leskovac
22 BS Servis NIS Petrol Kralja Petra I 7, 11400 Mladenovac Mladenovac
23 BS Negotin 4 NIS Petrol Zaječarski put bb, Negotin Negotin
24 BS Ledena Stena NIS Petrol Dimitrija Tucovića bb, 18000 Niš Niš
25 BS Nova Varoš NIS Petrol Magistralni put bb, Nova Varoš Nova Varoš
26 BS Novi Pazar 2 NIS Petrol S. Kovačevića bb, 36300 Novi Pazar Novi Pazar
27 BS Novi Sad 10 NIS Petrol Sent Andrejski put bb, Novi Sad Novi Sad
28 BS Novi Sad 11 NIS Petrol Bulеvar cara Lazara bb, Novi Sad Novi Sad
29 BS Plinara Gazprom Petrol Miloša Obrenovića 8 Pančevo
30 BS Petrovac na Mlavi NIS Petrol Srpskih vladara bb, 12 300 Petrovac Petrovac na Mlavi
31 BS Požarevac 1 NIS Petrol Čede Vasovića 1, 12 000 Požarevac Požarevac
32 BS Prijepolje NIS Petrol Bijelopoljski put bb, Kolovrat, Prijepolje Prijepolje
33 BS Prokuplje 1 NIS Petrol Koste Vojinovića bb, 18400 Prokuplje Prokuplje
34 BS Ruma 1 NIS Petrol Vladimira Nazora bb, Ruma Ruma
35 BS Carina NIS Petrol Vojvode Stepe bb, 11300 Smederevo Smederevo
36 BS Sombor 2 NIS Petrol Filipa Kljajića bb, Sombor Sombor
37 BS Sremska Mitrovica 1 NIS Petrol Arsenija Čarnojevića 48, Sremska Mitrovica Sremska Mitrovica
38 BS Subotica 2 NIS Petrol Puškinov Trg bb, Subotica Subotica
39 BS Sava Most NIS Petrol Jevrejska bb, Šabac Šabac
40 BS Topola NIS Petrol Bulevar Vožda Karađorđa 90, Topola Topola
41 BS Užice Gazprom Petrol Omladinska bb Užice
42 BS Valjevo 2 NIS Petrol Vladike Nikolaja 67/A, Valjevo Valjevo
43 BS Velika plana - grad 1 NIS Petrol 28 Oktobra bb, 11320 Velika Plana Velika Plana
44 BS Vranje NIS Petrol Trg bratstva i jedinstva bb, Vranje Vranje
45 BS Vršac 1 NIS Petrol Miloša Obilića Br. 1, Vršac Vršac
46 BS Zaječar 1 NIS Petrol Ljube Nešića 147, Zaječar Zaječar
47 BS Zrenjanin 2 NIS Petrol Beogradski put bb, Zrenjanin Zrenjanin
48 BS Bačeks NIS Petrol JNA 133, 21420 Bač Bač