G-Drive sport

Introducing a G-Drive exercise program designed to keep up with the needs of modern life - the props are very easy to use, do not take precious time and do not take up much space. It's enough to devote a few minutes a day to your training and you will feel a momentary increase in energy, and after a while, your mind and body will be in top form!


  • YOGA BALL - a prop you can use to perform the greatest number of exercises, from those sitting down to those in an upright position, while at the same time activating all the muscles.
  • EXERCISE RIBBON - a great addition to every exercise, from warm-up, through strength training, to relaxation and stretching.
  • WEIGHT PIECES - Their main purpose is to increase the load and make the exercise more interesting and efficient.
  • JUMPING ROPE – basic gear for exercise, from warm-up to cardio training of top boxers; In addition, the entire family can use the screwdriver.
  • BALLS FOR BASKET (small and large) and FOOTBALL - ideal for individually exercising muscle strength indoors, but also team sports on the field.
*Dear customers, we wish to inform you that we have run out of stock for the following products: G-Drive sport basketball ball (size 3) and G-Drive sport basketball ball (size 7).
In addition to these products, you also receive a gift book with a training plan and a food suggestion, signed by a licensed trainer.
You can find G-Drive sport products on the following gas stations: NIS Petrol and Gazprom stations: G-Drive Sport.


For all users of the "With Us on the Road" card, G-drive Sport products are available at special prices. Visit the nearest NIS Petrol or Gazprom gas station and check out the quality yourself.
The prices of the G-Drive Sport product, you can find on the following link: G-Drive sport pricelist.