Evro BMB 98

Euro BMB 98 is designed for new generation vehicles, but for older cars too, because it provides faster engine and better throttle response.
The advantages of Euro BMB 98 compared to Euro Premium BMB 95 are higher octane value of fuel, giving engine more power, increasing its efficiency, thus improving steady and stabile engine operation. Furthermore, using this type of petrol enables better environment protection by decreased emissions of exhaust gases (contains maximum 10 ppm of sulphur in accordance with the European standards).


  • Maximum performances of your car
  • Decreased combustion time
  • Higher efficiency
  • More steady and stabile engine operation 
  • More power and better engine flexibility
  • Increased octane value


For new generation vehicles, with turbo injectors and more powerful engines.
For older generation vehicles. faster engine with better throttle response with increased efficiency.


Euro BMB can be blended with petrol of lower octane value with no risk to the vehicle engine.

Octane value:

Octane value represents petrol quality and defines resistance of a certain petrol type to detonation combustion. The higher the octane number, the better the resistance is.

Higher octane number value:

  • Decreases detonation combustion
  • Preserves working assembly of engine
  • Prolongs operating life cycle of engine
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Decreases emission of polluting gases
  • Increases engine powe