Euro diesel

With top quality, our EVRO DIESEL enables maximum performance, proper start and flawless engine operation even at extremely low temperatures. The winter is not the only time when EVRO DIESEL proves its quality. Quieter operation, greater power and lower consumption are the advantages of using this fuel.
Produced in compliance with the strictest specifications, the quality of EVRO DIESEL is fully compliant with the European standard EN 590.
Rest assured that that at the NIS gas stations you fill up your tanks with EVRO DIESEL of the same quality as in any other EU country.

Basic properties of diesel fuels:

  • Thickness
  • Distillation characteristics
  • Sulfur content 
  • Viscosity 
  • Cetane number
  • Ignition point
  • Carbon residue
  • Water and sediments content

Sulfur content affects greater wearing of the engine, sediment creations, inability of particles filter and catalyst operation, and increased emission of HC, NOx and CO gases.


High viscosity affects the creation of the mixture of air and fuel, and consequentially combustion of lower quality. Low viscosity leads to poor lubrication, decreased engine power and faster material wearing. This is why viscosity should be within proper limits.

Cetane number

pertains to the ease of auto ignition, the bigger the cetane number, the easier the ignition of fuel. Bigger cetane number affects better auto ignition and fuel combustion, increase of engine power and lower fuel consumption.

Carbon residue

is the amount of heavier compounds in fuel and is a very important parameter for diesel fuel because it tells us about the ability of fuel to create hard residue in combustion.


in diesel fuel is improved by additives due to decreased sulfur content.

Water and sediments

content in fuel is present due to bad manipulation, transport or storage, water and sediments are deposited at the bottom of the tank because of their greater density.

Ignition point

is necessary in order to secure safety in transport and storage of diesel fuel.