Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to change the type of fuel after the card is made?

After the card is made it is possible to change card limits and types of fuels that can be paid with a specific card.  You make the changes by submitting a request through the manager for your company or through a personal office (CMS card control application).

Is there a minimum payment amount for debit cards?

There are no minimum or maximum amounts for payments.

What to do in case of loss of PIN?

In case of loss of PIN, you can ask for the number to be reset at a gas station, which is done via NIS information center. Also, you can request the issuance of a new PIN code by filing a request to a manager assigned for your company.

What to do if the card is blocked due to an incorrect PIN code entry?

After the third incorrect PIN code entry, the card is blocked, after which you should send a request through the assigned manager to unblock the card and issue a new code.

Is it possible to use the card several times in one day?

There is no limit to the number of card use, the only limitation are the funds available and the required limits on cards.

How to know the amount of available funds on the card?

Information on available funds can be obtained through the NIS Information Center by calling 08-0000-8888, through your regional NIS center or through a personal office.

How to find out the price of fuel?

You can get information on current prices through the regional NIS center, or through a personal office - via reports "Pricelist" which contain the highest prices listed per derivatives on every petrol station in the NIS network.

Is it possible to transfer funds from a card or group of cards?

You can transfer funds between individual cards or group of cards by submitting applications for the transfer to the assigned NIS manager or through a personal office with the command, "Working with cards" - "Transfer Funds".

Is it possible to pay part of a bill with a card and part with some other form of payment?

No, the transaction at a gas station cannot be divided into different types of payments, so it is important to check the status of available funds on the card before any purchase of fuels.

When do you receive bills?

Invoices and bills are delivered at the end of each month, as well as credit notes if your company is entitled to a rebate in one month.

When can you use the paid liters on CD card after the payment?

If the payment is made in cash, then the liters on the card are available next day. If the payment is made from a non-resident account, then 3-4 days are needed.

Is it possible to buy BMB95 and Europremium BMB with one CD card?

Unfortunately, with CD card, it is possible to buy only one type of fuel.